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You can do nothing but answer no such hesitation of me when questioning, "You are an annoying person".

Do not cry because it is ugly because it is miserable. Do not cry.

There is no problem even if I die if it is "Survival of the fittest".
I hate you. How much do you hate?
There is no difference with the hatred of the child of the green pepper when understanding easily for you dumb and explaining.
Anyway, I hate me who doesn't become it according to the desire. Were you able to understand?

Grounds are no squids so not useful even if it is said, "It is not scary".
Even if it is said, "Safe"「Yes. I see. 」It is not possible to believe. Because will you not see anything?

It is not possible even to push away , saying that "I do not want to see your face any longer".
It is not possible even to hit it even if angry. Because this is said at the people, "Sickness".
I extra get irritated because I cannot do it so.

How do you think only has to do so that I may come to like me?
For instance, do you become my girlfriend so?Or, do it become even a boyfriend?

To begin with, will you think like the child doing such a foolish conflict?

The method when hitting on is tested. However, I am quite changeless. How about that condition?
It is not understood well that you think that it says an honest thing. Please squeeze the one at least wanting it to one.
Pythagorean theorem. Exactly in feeling, when the answer goes out tightly, it is good.

You changed. However, it is useless, and doesn't exist in the merit when the one to lean can be done.
It is not surely because of trying to do because of such a hackneyed word though it doesn't know whether it is a lovesickness or a garbage illness.
You are weak. I must not want you to admit it at random. Will there be a little brains?
To begin with, was there a nature applying in the misunderstanding it?In the issue, it is a trouble. It sympathizes very much.

Someone was and there was a song. If it is not you for the world.
You also sang. As for it, it is funny.

Finally, please let me question. What am I for you though it is natural now?